Live Broadcast to Periscope

How to live stream on Periscope

Built for the singular purpose of sharing live videos, Periscope is one the best live streaming apps out there. The app which exclusively serves this purpose offers all the features that can make your live streaming experience better. Including these with the amenities that are offered by the Freedocast Pro device and the App, can make your live streaming experience one of the best in industry. Since the app connects the users from the entire world, it can easily help you achieve the higher reach which is a dire necessity for marketing businesses.

Check out the steps to Go Live on Periscope

  1. A enhanced camera for a better experience
    • A Video camera that delivers a professional output can be connected to the device through the HDMI IN.
    • Utilizing the Microphone IN feature can make the sound professional too.
  2. Do your thing on the App
    • Open Freedocast App, Login and Connect your device
    • Selecting the device establishes a connection between the app and the device.
  3. Event Selection/ Creation
    • A popular event can be selected right away.
    • If it is a new event, you’ll have to create and select.
  4. Selection of platform
    • Select Multiple platforms option in the Settings Page
    • Tap on "Add" under “Go Live on Periscope”
  5. Authorization
    Log into your Periscope account and provide the necessary permissions.
  6. Go Live.

One of the core ideas of Periscope App is to let people experience something in the first place along with their loved ones. Periscope has made it possible to experience big moments virtually along with the people who are watching it firsthand. It also is a great engager of people in events that doesn’t usually get media attention. When you live stream to Periscope you can directly engage a worldwide audience makes it better and Freedocast offers you the best way to do it.

Here are a few tips for various type of businesses where you can use the option of Streaming to Periscope Live through Freedocast in an effective way.

Smaller channels, the ones that cannot afford a large-scale broadcast can use the live broadcast to periscope feature to show the world the truth about what is going on at protests, riots etc. This is one of the core ideas that has led to the creation of the app.

Best friend’s wedding on the other corner of the world might lead to a problem of attendance. The wedding videographers can use this to their advantage of providing the broadcasting options themselves with the best resolution camera and audio. This can only be made possible by connecting the camera to a Freedocast device.

Travel Agents
Some of the best photographic locations of the world are filled with travel guides who know about the place. And many of these places have visitors who have loved ones back home. This opens an opportunity for the travel guides who reside nearby to let the people share the moments with a high clarity which is usually unavailable on phone. The Broadcast to Periscope live can also be used to attract the viewers to the online channels.

End Note
There are numerous other fields where the Freedocast App can be efficiently used to live stream on Periscope.

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