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How to live stream on Twitter

What better platform to live stream your content than the medium that has the world on its unique pedestal of 160 characters or less. Twitter is one of the largest social media that has transcended any kind of barriers existed between the people of different continents. It is also one of the most active Social media platforms that comprises of celebrities and common people, which makes it the perfect place to market your video content. Live broadcast to Twitter has already proven to be a successful marketing strategy for Celebrities and Businessmen.

Here's how you can Go Live on Twitter.

  1. Connect the device to a Video and Audio input device
    • The better the quality, the more audience you engage.
  2. Open, Freedocast App, Login, and Connect the Device
    • After the Login, all you need to do is select the device and connect the App to the device.
  3. Event Selection
    • Pre-created Event can be selected right away.
    • If the event is new, create one.
  4. Go to "Settings Page" > Select 'Multiple Platforms' tab
    • Tap on 'Add' button under "Twitter Live"
  5. Login to your Twitter/ Periscope account and Provide Necessary Authorizations.
  6. Go Live.

Though Twitter is all about short and sweet presentation of information, live video streams are more common than we think. Live stream on Twitter is used by people from disparate sectors to boost businesses, popularity, or simply grow their user base. Video Broadcast to Twitter live can be an excellent marketing strategy if the events are planned properly and the content is presented in an engaging way. Here are few tips how you can attain the maximum engagement from your audience.

Plan the event
Prepare a schedule, select a date and make it official in your updates. Prepare an air tight content which reveals all the best things of your product if it for a product launch. Assemble the best questions that can keep your audience glued to the live stream you are planning for an interview with the celebrity. Plan the event and the content that you are going to stream by the minute.

Preparation of equipment, organizing the venue are the next in list of things to take care of. HD Camera beats a phone in video and audio clarity. Microphone connection gives you a better sound. Right camera angles will do the magic if the event is large. Video stands, Tripods/ Cranes, Sound and Video mixers are an added asset if you want the event to be a massive success.

Regular Updates
Keep updating your users about the event regularly. Release teasers, tweet about the key points, posters and images specifying the user’s essentiality in viewing the stream, etc. Tweets or small videos from celebrities/ famous personalities make up for a good reach and will attract a larger audience.

Engaging audience
Audience engagement is another key feature in a live stream. Give the audience a chance to communicate. Encourage them to ask questions and comment about the product. Frame your content so that user is obligated to communicate. Leave some essential details and be prepared when a user points them out. If it is an interview with a celebrity, allow the audience to pose their own questions.

Keep the video available
Engaging content will compel people to share the video stream to the people they care, people they think the content might be useful, and if it is available even after the live stream is over there is definitely a chance that it reaches a larger audience than that of the live stream. It can also help you drive the traffic to your business/ personal website which is a win-win.

End Note
Live Broadcast to Twitter through will help you get a global wide exposure to you and your product which is beneficial in numerous ways.

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