Live Streaming to YouTube

How to live stream on YouTube

Though the primary purpose of Freedocast device is to go live on various social media platforms simultaneously, the device can be effectively used to go live on a single platform like Youtube with a simple tap. Streaming to Youtube Live is now effectively being used to gain more users or to market for businesses. Be it a live interview with a celebrity or a sports match from your college campus, be it the product launch of a reputable company or an unboxing event of a well-known product, the device lets you stream it all.

Live Streaming to Youtube can be achieved in simple steps.

  1. Connect the Device to a Camera or a video source through HDMI IN.
    • The better the video source, the better the audience engagement. Freedocast supports every type of camera that exists out there, so make the live broadcast worthwhile for your audience.
  2. Microphone input
    • A bifurcated sound input from the existing microphone or the audio mixer gives you a better audio which in turn will be an added advantage.
  3. Open Freedocast App, Login, and connect the device
    • Once paired with the device, all you need to do is select the device and establish a connection.
  4. Event selection
    • If it is a well-established event, event selection makes all the difference in the number of audiences that you gain.
    • If the event is not created before, you can create it and then select.
    • An event that is easier to search gets more engagement.
  5. Log on to > Go to "Settings Page" > Select 'Multiple Platforms' tab
    • Tap on 'Add' button under "Youtube Live"
  6. Login to your Youtube account and Select the channel.
    • Give the Necessary permissions to access your account.
  7. Choose Privacy settings and Tap on Save and Close.
  8. Go Live.

Youtube live is the most popular social media used by businesses and individual users alike. The platform provides an impeccable live streaming experience which is rock solid and meets the standards of reputable businesses. Many television channels, Youtube Channels, small time businesses and individual users who have earned a substantial number of admirers, have utilized the services of Youtube live and have benefited from that. Since we know that the live streaming of videos is the most profitable way of engaging your audience, let us shine a light on how it can benefit your business.

Higher Reach
Live Broadcast to Youtube can increase your reach tremendously since the number of netizens on the global level has inflated. The web media is engulfing the mainstream media due to its Global reach. This is another reason for the higher reach and has become a key factor in the expansion of businesses. The right targeted advertising can make your product extend to the ends of the Earth and make it monumental.

The web media is unrestricted, free flowing and exempted from any type of censor which gives you the freedom to present the content in any way you wish. Since advertising is a creative world, the censorship in the mainstream media can create a huge obstruction to the free-flowing thought that can market your business. The web media surpasses it and immunizes you and your business from those hindrances. This freedom can become a humongous factor that can make all the difference.

End Note
Freedocast grants you the power to market, broadcast high-quality video content on Youtube Live while giving you the authority to Geo Block or protect the content using a password.

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