Ways to Go Live using Platform

Freedocast Platform enables you to broadcast live to multiple platforms simultaneously via Freedocast Pro Device.*
Freedocast Mobile App or using other third party broadcasting encoders.

What can be done

Stream your events in High Quality across the world & reach your audience anytime,
on any device using our platform.
  • Adaptive Bitrate Provide best viewing experience even in low bandwidths
  • Embed & share your video Share Live videos wherever your leads are. Embed it on any Web page, Mobile App landing page, or social site.
  • Archive Save and download your previous live videos.

Other Platform features


Learn and understand your audience. Get detailed analytics on who your viewers are, and how long they watch your broadcasts.

* For only viewers watching on Freedocast Platform

Geo Blocking

Allow/Limit the access to your Live or Catch-up broadcasts in specific countries

Password Protection

Create private & Secure events with password protection


Live DVR allows viewers to rewind as they watch the live broadcast (up to 30 minutes)

* Due to Facebook Terms of Service restrictions, it is not possible to simultaneously stream to Facebook and other online streaming services (https://developers.facebook.com/policy/?hc_location=ufi#liveAPI). However, you can simultaneously stream to YouTube, Twitter/Periscope & any other RTMP supported platforms.

Going Live ?

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